Drawbacks of the Traditional Methods of Sale Via Real Estate Agents in Riverside, CA

Traditional Methods of Sale Via Real Estate Agents

Though the traditional method of home sale through a real estate agent is considered to be a safe and popular method, in recent times, many homeowners in Riverside, CA, are deviating from this path and seem to take the non-traditional route. The reason behind such defection is the endless drawbacks associated with a traditional transaction. More and more sellers prefer selling to cash home buyers to sell a house fast in Riverside, CA. Listed below are some of the drawbacks of a traditional home sale.

Time Taken to Close

One of the most prominent drawbacks of a traditional sale in Riverside is the time taken to close a sale. A conventional sale takes anywhere between a month to a year to complete, depending on various factors like the time you list your house, the expertise of your realtor, its age and condition, etc. Since the process is long drawn out and there are many procedures involved, it takes time for the deal to culminate.

Hidden Costs

A traditional sale is costly for the seller as it involves various processes like an appraisal, inspection, renovation, etc. Moreover, it also includes the brokerage, which is an estimated 6% of the sale price in Riverside, to be paid to the real estate agent. In addition, there are also many other expenses like closing costs, transfer tax, etc., which are to be taken into account. All these make selling a house an expensive process.


One other essential process involved in a traditional home sale is renovation. Your realtor will curate a pre-inspection for your house, which will help you determine the features that require repair or improvement. If your house has issues like termites, water damage, mold, etc., you must treat them before it is ready for sale. While there are many cheap DIY home improvements, some of them may turn out to be expensive.

If you want to skip renovations and sell your house as-is, you can choose to sell to one of the cash home buyers in Riverside, CA, for a hassle-free transaction.


Staging is one of the most essential processes in a traditional home sale in Riverside, CA. Many homeowners hire professional help to declutter, clean, and stage the house. This particular process is tedious and time-consuming. It requires replacing old and outdated items with newer ones. It can be expensive as you aim to give your home a facelift to make it more desirable to the potential buyer.


Showings are an integral part of a traditional sale. They are strenuous and disturb your schedule as you may have to accommodate multiple daily showings. It can hinder your privacy as you will have to entertain many strangers and make them feel welcome in your home. Moreover, you will have to be flexible to accommodate the prospective buyers’ schedule when then fix appointments for viewing your house.

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